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Salvatore and Maria Maggio

EDIT: I have just found out that the picture I had up is actual of a different couple, not the Maggios. I will have another post later about that couple and repost the picture then.

This is one of my favorite photos, and probably the oldest. Judging by the clothes, we can determine is falls into the Victorian era, specifically the bustle era, the 1880s. It is clearly a wedding photograph, with the bride wearing a long veil. While Queen Victoria did make it fashionable to where a white wedding dress, many women still wore the customary dark dress. This was a practical choice – their best dress, if dark, could be worn both at their wedding and when in morning (plus, my personal opinion, it hides dirt better).

Judging by the time period, the occasion, and knowing it comes from my mother’s side of the family, our best guess is that this is a picture of Salvatore Maggio and Maria Grazia Mortillaro. They were married in 1890, at the end of the bustle period. Most people could not afford to buy new clothes when fashions changed, so it is not unusual for the bustle style to be lingering. Clothes were made to last then, and this dress could have been a hand-me-down as well. The man is wearing a typical Prince Albert coat of the period.

Salvatore Maggio (1866-1928) and Maria (1872-1913) were both born in Italy. They were married in 1890, most likely while still living there, had their first child, then immigrated to Baltimore, MD (though it is possible they immigrated first, then married; the details are a but hazy here). Salvatore was a cobbler and then the owner of a confectionery shop while Maria was a homemaker. Together they had seven children, six of which were girls.


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