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Useful Sites for Research

General Research:

  • Ancestry
    • some resources are free to search and view, like the 1880 and 1940 census
    • paid membership is required for most records
    • an account is free, includes creation of family tree
    • try the message boards for another free resource
  • Family Search – run by the LDS; good second place to search instead of Ancestry
  • Find A Grave – great website for pictures of gravestones; always something new
  • Google – or any search engine
    • Google Books
    • Google Maps – not only do I use this for looking up locations, but my favorite thing to do is use the Streeview to find houses my ancestors lived in (hint: take a screenshot)
  • Internet Archive’s Text Archive – fantastic site for free old books online
  • Roots Web – I don’t use this one very often, but I used it a lot when I first started getting into genealogy
  • Wikipedia – use with caution; take everything you find on here with a grain of salt and double check against another resource; I have used it for people from the 17th century and earlier

Books, eBooks, Biographies, and Dedicated Websites

Baltimore City/County





  • ScotlandsPeople – used this for the first time (paying) and found it’s only OK for my purposes; I found more information on the Family Search website, but at least I found a couple documents to support those findings


Other Places to Look

  • Facebook groups
  • Historical Societies
  • Libraries
  • Local websites for a town/city
Last Updated: 09/07/14

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